Earn achievements by completing difficult tasks in the game Bad Piggies. There are a total of 60 achievements you can achieve. This page shows a list of all achievements from the game and explains how to earn them.

Ground Hog Day achievement

Ground Hog Day

Episode 1 completed
Well Grounded achievement

Well Grounded

Episode 1 completed with 3 stars on all levels
Ground Breaker achievement

Ground Breaker

Gained 3 stars in all blue levels in episode 1
Rise and Swine achievement

Rise and Swine

Episode 2 completed
Early Pig achievement

Early Pig

Episode 2 completed with 3 stars on all levels
Hog of the Morning achievement

Hog of the Morning

Gained 3 stars in all blue levels in episode 2
When Pigs Fly achievement

When Pigs Fly

Episode 3 completed
Born to be Airborne achievement

Born to be Airborne

Episode 3 completed with 3 stars on all levels
Pretty Fly achievement

Pretty Fly

Gained 3 stars in all blue levels in episode 3
Flight in the Night achievement

Flight in the Night

Episode 4 completed
The Great Escape achievement

The Great Escape

Episode 4 completed with 3 stars on all levels
Heist of the Century achievement

Heist of the Century

Gained 3 stars in all blue levels in episode 4
Sweet Nightmares achievement

Sweet Nightmares

Episode 5 completed
Ham Helsing achievement

Ham Helsing

Episode 5 completed with 3 stars on all levels
Boar of the Undead achievement

Boar of the Undead

Gained 3 stars in all blue levels in episode 5
Junior Wrecker achievement

Junior Wrecker

Broke off 1000 parts
Qualified Wrecker achievement

Qualified Wrecker

Broke off 10000 parts
Veteran Wrecker achievement

Veteran Wrecker

Broke off 100000 parts
Pigshaw achievement


Transported King Pig successfully 5 times
Hogffeur achievement


Transported King Pig successfully 50 times
Complex Complex achievement

Complex Complex

Started a transport with 25 or more parts
Skilled Pilot achievement

Skilled Pilot

Finished 50 levels without breaking anything
Boom Boom 1 achievement

Boom Boom 1

Blew up a total of 50 TNT crates
Boom Boom 2 achievement

Boom Boom 2

Blew up a total of 500 TNT crates
Boom Boom 3 achievement

Boom Boom 3

Blew up a total of 5000 TNT crates
Porcine Cannonball achievement

Porcine Cannonball

Finished a level using just TNT
Think Inside the Box achievement

Think Inside the Box

Placed the pig inside a wooden frame
Think Outside the Box achievement

Think Outside the Box

Completed a level with the pig placed outside of the transport
Literate Individual achievement

Literate Individual

Checked the credits
Popper's Theory 1 achievement

Popper's Theory 1

Popped 100 balloons
Popper's Theory 2 achievement

Popper's Theory 2

Popped 1000 balloons
Popper's Theory 3 achievement

Popper's Theory 3

Popped 10000 balloons
Tourist 1 achievement

Tourist 1

Traveled 1000 miles in a transport
Tourist 2 achievement

Tourist 2

Traveled 10000 miles in a transport
Tourist 3 achievement

Tourist 3

Traveled 100000 miles in a transport
Crash Course achievement

Crash Course

Activated 6 rockets at the same time
Brush with the Past achievement

Brush with the Past

Discovered the remains of a failed explorer
Adventurer achievement


Discovered 10 explorer remains
Discoverer achievement


Discovered 20 explorer remains
Master Explorer achievement

Master Explorer

Discovered 30 explorer remains
Mega Master Explorer achievement

Mega Master Explorer

Discovered 45 explorer remains
Rolling Low 1 achievement

Rolling Low 1

Rolled 10 miles on the ground
Rolling Low 2 achievement

Rolling Low 2

Rolled 100 miles on the ground
Rolling Low 3 achievement

Rolling Low 3

Rolled 1000 miles on the ground
Cannon Fodder achievement

Cannon Fodder

Hidden achievement - Got hit by a bird
Ner Ner! achievement

Ner Ner!

Evaded a launched bird
Sucker Punch achievement

Sucker Punch

Punched the King Pig with the Spring Glove gadget
Show Off achievement

Show Off

Took a video or a snapshot
Spider Pig achievement

Spider Pig

Rode upside down with the Suction Cup Wheels
Confectioner achievement


Had over 20 desserts
Feeder achievement


Fed the King Pig 211 cakes
King's Favorite achievement

King's Favorite

Received a prize for feeding the King Pig
Super Charged achievement

Super Charged

Used a Turbo Charge power-up
Indestructible achievement


Used a Super Glue power-up
Chips for Whips achievement

Chips for Whips

Used a Super Mechanic
Magnet Master achievement

Magnet Master

Used a Super Magnet to collect all cakes and a starbox in a single run
Swingin' Piggies achievement

Swingin' Piggies

Swung a pig using the grappling hook
King Pig of the Jungle achievement

King Pig of the Jungle

Swung twice with the King Pig using the grappling hook without touching anything
Cake Walk achievement

Cake Walk

Collected all cakes in a level before reaching goal
Pumpkin Chariot achievement

Pumpkin Chariot

Transported a pumpkin to goal



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menise svidja ner ner achievement


Posted on 08/25/2014

Ner Ner!'s not a hidden achievement!

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