Bad Piggies Level 1-16

This page contains the solution of level 1-16 in episode 1 (Ground Hog Day) from the popular iOS and Android game Bad Piggies. Below you can find a walkthrough for building the right contraptions needed to earn all 3 stars.

This level can be completed with only one contraption. Put 2 bottles pointed down on the bottom-right and bottom-middle place. Next put 2 wooden boxes on top of these bottles with a TNT-box in the left box and the pig in the right box. Put another 2 bottles on top of the wooden boxes to finish the contraption. Press play and ignite the cola bottles, then ignite the TNT-crate to blow the pig to the 2 star-boxes and the finish line. This will require a lot of luck. Another possibility is explained in the video. Feel free to add a comment when you've got a different strategy.



Posted on 10/18/2013

This level is great thanks for your help


Posted on 08/23/2014

I hope piggy is ok I hope he did survive from that


Posted on 03/12/2015

This level are using the physics effect : the explode of the soda bottle make the vehicle rise and the explode of the TNT make the vehicle goes away to right and then to the finish line

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