Bad Piggies Level 1-26

This page contains the solution of level 1-26 in episode 1 (Ground Hog Day) from the popular iOS and Android game Bad Piggies. Below you can find a walkthrough for building the right contraptions needed to earn all 3 stars.

This level can be solved in one run. Build a machine with 3 wooden boxes and 2 wheels below them. Next, place a soda bottle on top of the middle wooden box pointed to the left. Place 2 umbrellas on top of the other 2 wooden boxes. Launch your contraption and initiate the soda boost as soon as it starts falling. This should your vehicle inside the cave to the right. Now make sure you reach the finish within the time limit. Feel free to add a comment when you've got a different strategy.



Posted on 08/23/2014

Yuck! That stinks! Sprite are you kidding me yuck!

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