Bad Piggies Level 1-3

This page contains the solution of level 1-3 in episode 1 (Ground Hog Day) from the popular iOS and Android game Bad Piggies. Below you can find a walkthrough for building the right contraptions needed to earn all 3 stars.

This level can only be completed with in 2 different turns. First you've got to build a contraption to get to the star in the right and then you've got to build a contraption to fall down in the cave on the left. Feel free to add a comment when you've got a different strategy.



Posted on 03/21/2014

This video helped me a lot


Posted on 06/26/2014

This video help no hig score 2 stars


Posted on 08/02/2014

I like pigs that are not green I like them in black


Posted on 08/22/2014

Jack he just can't do it in 1 try he has to do it in 2 try's ok jack


Posted on 08/25/2014

First Time! Im Going to try Bad Piggies !


Posted on 09/14/2014

I have done that 27 times and i got 2 stars :(


Posted on 09/27/2014

I done all the levels

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