Bad Piggies Level 1-36

This page contains the solution of level 1-36 in episode 1 (Ground Hog Day) from the popular iOS and Android game Bad Piggies. Below you can find a walkthrough for building the right contraptions needed to earn all 3 stars.

For level 36 you'll need to build a cart with 4 boxes: 3 wooden boxes and a steel box. Place the turbo engine in the steel box on the right, place a wooden wheel on top of this box and place 2 rubber wheels on the right and left bottom of the boxes. Turn on the engine and simply wait until you reach the finish line. Feel free to add a comment when you've got a different strategy.



Posted on 03/22/2014

Beoww! When will any of you reach level??


Posted on 05/15/2014

Feild of dreams looks fun it is a good level with king pig it has 300 parts but it is hard to get


Posted on 06/13/2014

How do you get field of dreams


Posted on 07/06/2014

I completed levelI've completed all of ground hog day now


Posted on 08/23/2014

I completed level've completed all of ground hog day now


Posted on 05/16/2015

You get it by buying it. I wish you could unlock it instead, but I think MAYBE you can get it by beating all other sandboxes.

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