Bad Piggies Bonus 2-II

This page contains the solution of bonus 2-ii in episode 2 (Rise and Swine) from the popular iOS and Android game Bad Piggies. Below you can find a walkthrough for building the right contraptions needed to earn all 3 stars.

The second bonus level is challenging. It can be 3-starred using one contraption, but it's difficult. Start with a 2x2 box, with the steel box on the left. Place the pig inside the steel box, then two wheels touching the ground. Now place a boxing glove on the far left pointing left, and one on the far right pointing down. Go! The first hurdle is to clear the TNT and land smoothly so it keeps rolling. As you roll down the last hill trigger the right boxing glove so that the contraption rotates to the left, landing on the left boxing glove. Now, quickly trigger it to send the contraption up and over the rock. As it comes down trigger both gloves to hopefully snag both stars. Feel free to add a comment when you've got a different strategy.



Posted on 10/26/2013

I found it better to use no outer boxes


Posted on 11/02/2013

Thanks to the guide, I finally won!


Posted on 01/18/2014

I can complete this level, thanks to the guide

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